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Admin: Lee H

In Progress

Distance Challenge

Start: 01 Jan 2024 |
End: 31 Dec 2024
Goal: 1000rKM

Admin: Lee H

In Progress

2024 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (12 months) – REGISTRATION OPEN

Start: 01 Jan 2024 |
End: 31 Dec 2024
Goal: 1000rKM

Admin: Lee H

In Progress

2024 Distance Challenge (12 months) – REGISTRATION OPEN

Start: 01 Jan 2024 |
End: 31 Dec 2024
Goal: 1000rKM

Create Custom Fitness Challenges

Are you a personal trainer looking for a way to motivate clients? A nomad trying to bring remote friends and family together? An employee seeking a team building exercise for your colleagues? Simply just want to mingle and compete against random humans?
  • Set A Goal & Timeframe

    Our application will convert the progress you record in any healthy activity into our own common value, the rKM. Custom challenge goals can include any number of rKM’s you wish, and take place over any length of time.

  • Choose Your Activities

    Select one or many healthy activities that you would like participants to record progress in for your fitness challenge. Don’t worry, they’ll all show on the same graph – we are the only application that offers this!

  • Invite Participants

    Whether it’s a private challenge just for family, friends, colleagues, or you want to let anyone join and take part – there’s room for everyone!

Welcome To Healthy Lifestylers

“Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone and build a community that will become the Golden Standard in the industry.

Fitness Challenges makes it easy for anyone to stay active, no matter which healthy activities they are focused on. There is really something for everyone here, and it’s completely free 🙂

Our Marketplace helps Personal Trainers in the fitness industry build their businesses and succeed online.

Regardless of which solution makes the most sense for you, thank you for choosing to embrace a healthy lifestyle with Healthy Lifestylers!”

Lee Haines

Founder, Healthy Lifestylers

One Application to Record All Progress

  • Distance-based activities

    Running, Walking, Swimming, Hiking, Cycling, Snowshoeing, etc.

  • Time-based activities

    Weightlifting, Yoga, Gym Time, HIIT, Pilates, Meditating, etc.

  • ...and more !

    Choose from a growing list of activities, or simply request a new one to be added if you don’t see your activity in the list!


Make Easy Money By Referring Personal Trainers

If you know any Personal Trainers, you can earn cash by referring them to the Healthy Lifestylers Marketplace.

Although the Fitness Challenges product is completely free of charge, Personal Trainers pay a monthly subscription fee for access to our Marketplace. In return, they receive awesome tools and services to help them elevate the online side of their business.

Referrals are a great way for us to grow our Marketplace, so as a big ‘Thank You’, we offer our Affiliates a very generous commission plan – very possibly the best in the industry!

  • Uncapped Commissions

  • Earn up to 50% Of All Referral Purchases

  • Recurring Commissions For 6 Months

  • Dashboard To Monitor Earnings

Healthy Lifestylers: Marketplace

Healthy Lifestylers: Marketplace for Personal Trainers

Are You A Personal Trainer?

At Healthy Lifestylers, we understand that in order to promote a healthy lifestyle for all, we must support those that are making the real difference and helping people every single day: Personal Trainers!

We’ve created a Marketplace that gets these Superheroes more Clients by helping to increase their exposure and build the online side of their businesses.

Join a super supportive community of other trainers at different stages in their careers. If this sounds interesting to you, go create a free account and check it out!